*/ Don’t be a sheep, make cheap bass traps */

Spring Lamb. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.

I’ve been rummaging the web concerning acoustic design of peoples home studios. I’m Always surprised to see that people Think that bass traps from a specific brand is a must-have and that spending a couple of hundred dollars a piece is a good investment.

Why don’t you just make them yourself using Rockwool and breathing cloth in a wooden frame? Takes a couple of hours and you’ll get it in the correct dimensions for your specific room.

Cost? Nothing that will burden your wallet.

Fixing dodgy data knobs on Novation Nova II

So, I’ve lived with having to carefully turn the data knobs on my Nova II for years now since they started acting up. It seemed they did not respond correctly when turning them quickly, every “step” while scrolling didn’t seem to register. Well, it’s been a pain in the ass and I’ve used the synthesizer less frequent because of it. Well, it turned out to be as easy as wiping my nose to fix it!

If you have the same problem, here’s the fix (hopefully for you too).

1. Go get some CRC 5-56 or similar lubricant. (picture)

2. take off the caps on the data knobs.

3. spray some lubricant on the bottom of the black pin, so that the lubricant will get inside the system. (and dont worry, if you bought the same as I have, it does not cause shortcircuit).

4. turn the knobs round and round for a while.

5. Wait for the magic to happen, it takes the lubricant some time to get inside

6. Wipe excess lubricant from the synthesizer and put the caps back on.

7. All done :)


My knobs work perfectly now. This 5-56 stuff can truly be used for everything :P My girlfriend is probably getting sick of me spraying every god damn thing at home :P


W00t W00t

Back once again,

Kristian Orellana in da house ;)

Länge sedan jag gjorde en uppdatering här, men då jag börjat jobba som akustiker så verkar tiden inte räcka till att göra musik på vardagarna. Ska försöka få ihop nåt med min flickvän men det verkar dröja lite, både hon och jag är lite dåliga på att ta oss tid till det.

Nya hemstudion är i full rulle dock, den är equippad att ta itu med lite mer avancerade produktioner så vi får se om det kommer upp nåt mer snart.

Musik a la Kristian finns på www.soundcloud.com/kribbathome (eller sök på kristian orellana) samt www.orellana.se

Ha de gott!